How to get a vivaldi email?

  • I have registered my vivaldi account, but I can not login the email service, how?

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  • @Ayespy
    Are the server settings available for me to access my Vivaldi mail account through another email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird?

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    @Origamian Yes. They are published.

    For IMAP settings:

    Do you need POP3 settings?

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  • I followed the settings for an IMAP account in the first reference you provided. When Outlook tried to send a test mail, Outlook "grayed out" and indicated it was not responding. After a few minutes, I closed Outlook and tried to restart it. Outlook would not open although the blue box indicated it was "loading profile". A restart yielded the same result. Any ideas? I can't get into any of my accounts now. Never experienced anything like this before.
    I'm getting the feeling that perhaps Vivaldi and it's email is not ready for prime time yet.

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    @Origamian This is webmail - not Vivaldi email, which will be a client built into the browser -and it's been working fine for a couple of years, with some recent hiccups. Did you try the settings in the second reference I provided?

  • @Origamian Outlook won't start in safe mode either.

  • @Origamian Yes, with no change. Outlook is currently unavailable until I can get it open past the blue title box. I have Avast AV and have turned off the email protection temporarily. I will try opening in Outlook safe mode as administrator.

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    @Origamian: That's just weird. I can't think what would cause it.

  • @Ayespy I tried the MS Office Quick Repair - no change - and then the full repair - no change except that I now need to re-activate Office with information I don't have. No change to problem. I created a test profile and using that profile, Office opens fine.. I guess I'll have to dedicate the day to talking with Microsoft and getting them to help with the problem. I should be using Linux full time.

  • Through Control Panel - User Accounts - Mail - Mail Setup - Profiles, I deleted the Vivaldi mail account from my Profile. Now Outlook opens as it should.

  • @Origamian New theory. My copy of MS Office is through the MS HUP (Home USe Program). I was recently laid off. The activation of Office (and Outlook) is connected to my work email, which no longer exists. Even though I have the correct activation key, I will need to re-activate each program every time I use it. I suspect that this had something to do with the lock up of the software when I added the Vivaldi Mail information. I'm going to uninstall MS Office and replace it with Libre Office and Thunderbird. Thanks for the discussion and keep up the good work.

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    @Origamian Consider giving SoftMaker Free Office a look. I use both the free and paid versions (paid = install on 3 machines) and for me (because I don't do work in databases), the only difference is that the paid version has Thunderbird (with calendaring) integrated. When I buy the paid version, I always wait for a special where I can buy it for $17-$20. They come around a couple of times a year.

  • @Origamian said in How to get a vivaldi email?:

    should be using Linux full time.


    Thunderbird + Lightning is working perfectly with all my many email [POP3] accounts, including my Vivaldi one. LibreOffice 5.3.x is proving to be an excellent replacement for MS Office 2010 Pro. For context, i was an intensive MS user for 2 decades, most especially Office & esp esp Outlook, but i finally lost patience with MS in 2013, & migrated to Linux in 2014. It's quite wonderful over here.

    OS: Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3;
    CPU: Quad core Intel Core i7-4790;
    GPU: Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller;
    RAM: 32 GB.
    Vivaldi 1.10.867.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

  • @Origamian said in How to get a vivaldi email?:

    going to uninstall MS Office and replace it with Libre Office and Thunderbird

    Ha - yay!

  • @Steffie I'm sure we're starting to move off topic, but I added Vivaldi email to Thunderbird with no issue whatsoever. Very smooth. I used the Note feature of Outlook frequently. What's the best replacement? Ayespy, I'm going to give Free Office a try on one of my Linux machines. Steffie, I've never seen Maui before but as it's an Ubuntu fork, I'll give it a try. I've used Elementary, Deepin, Ubuntu, Mint and my new favorite Peppermint (it is so FAST!). Each one different, each one better than Windows. Linux never seems to break. Steffie, do you have another forum or discussion group where you talk about Linux, Maui, forks, and software like Vivaldi, that just works? I've just spent 2 days with MS quirks and that's time I'll never get back.

  • @Origamian
    Linux/Maui based on Debian & KDE-Neon.
    Well, you're not entirely wrong, Ubuntu based on Debian too.
    I, prefer the mother than the children (fork) or grandchildren (fork of fork).

    I never use Outlook, can't tell how good its Notes. Thunderbird has plenty of extensions for notes. Good point, Thunderbird entirely portable & multi platform.
    And, if you interest to that Linux/Maui, KDE/Plasma has Kjolts (Notes) connected with KMail.
    Me? Vim + Markdown all the way.

    Linux distro that just work (easy to use?):
    None. 😁
    I have long reasons for that. I don't think you want to read it.
    But, this's a good read Updated regularly.

  • @dLeon You make excellent points. No OS is perfect but some appear to be better suited to the users or designed, simplified and adjusted in a way that makes them more dependable. The weakness in windows is its profit philosophy and need to control of all aspects of the software and environment. Linux appears to control only what is necessary for its function and use by a particular group. The forks I prefer are more easily usable to me than the mother, at least for now. I've been using Linux as a secondary OS until I can feel more comfortable about solving the issues I encounter. I have had almost 30 years experience using Windows as it moved from DOS. I still run into the same problems, plus new ones every time a new version is released. I see constant real improvement in the new releases of Linux distros. Still not perfect but better. The link you provided is great, I'm looking forward finishing reading it. I laughed when I read the paragraph about Windows.

  • @Origamian OT, yes, but hey serendipity ain't so bad!

    "I used the Note feature of Outlook frequently. What's the best replacement? " --> As i intimated, i was a very intensive Outlook 2010 user, of all its modules. Finding a competent PIM replacement in Linux was a major challenge for me, once i decided to wake up & smell the coffee/roses in the Linux multiverse & leave the MS narrowverse. Though i came to really dislike LOTS about Windows, & MS behind it, & though Outlook's PST file structure sucks, Outlook itself nevertheless remains a superb PIM, so finding something as good in Linux was critical to me. Evolution & KOrganizer each promised so much, & had various individual strengths, but too many fatal flaws for my liking. Ultimately i made a strategic decision to split my PIM requirements amongst discrete pgms, & this has proven extremely viable & successful for me:

    • Email & Calendar = Thunderbird & Lightning.

    • Tasks = Task Coach [yes TB also does Tasks, but extremely suckily].

    • Notes = CherryTree [a real revelation].

    Maui is quite fabulous [i strongly prefer the KDE/Plasma DE]; well worth you trying. It provides a nice balance between Kubuntu [ugh] & Mint KDE [which shot itself in the foot IMO by tying itself to Kubuntu rather than Neon via backports, hence is way behind on Plasma5 version updates] on one hand, & the aforesaid KDE Neon on the other hand [which is excellent, but prone to breakage, as it gets all the latest Plasma5 versions immediately]. Conversely Maui, at user discretion, can be configured to remain purely LTS, or [as i do] LTS for the Ubuntu base & curated-Plasma5 releases [ie, semi-rolling], or latest Plasma5 immediately. All of these distros mentioned above are Debian/Ubuntu based, which i prefer above all the other distros i've tested... however if i ever did decide to move away from that flavour, openSUSE Plasma5 is highly impressive, & KaOS is really interesting too.

    Now i know i've just been totally OT, so if you'd like to discuss more on this, why not create a dedicated topic in the Linux stream in these fora, then with the kind indulgence of a friendly Mod we could move this part of the current thread over to there, & then continue?


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