How can I update an old password?

  • I tried to login to Schwab and had some difficulties. Based on previous experience Vivaldi was trying to use an old password. I looked at the URLs but they appeared to have just been dumped there. I could not find the entry for Schwab. Based on very limited research I did not see the passwords let alone how to change one. As long as we are at it I didn't see an add URL/password which makes things cumbersome.

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    Probably I'm not really understand your question.
    From you question I could only figure:

    • You can't find Schwab entry either in Vivaldi setting "Privacy" or chrome://settings/passwords (vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords).
    • You want to know how to manually add password.

    Tell me if I miss something.

    To edit password or add one if a site not even ask to save it
    (Hackish). I hope you could follow.

    This's the trick I use for duckduckgo setting page password. Chromium/Chrome based doesn't ask to save password as it doesn't has "username" part there.

    • Enable chrome://flags/#password-import-export. Restart Vivaldi.
    • Visit vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords. You'll find new buttons, export/import. You could export it as CSV file.

    The CSV looks like this;


    "username" usually your login name or email.
    You could edit the CSV then import to any Chromium based browser.
    You probably need to clear the previous password 1st. There will be multiple entry if you just re-import same site but different name or password.

    In a way, this also answer your previous question post Just print the CSV file.

    Chromium 59 introduce new settings page. So, if you use chrome://settings/passwords the export/import button doesn't show up. Luckily, Vivaldi still able to access old look.

    In either vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords or chrome://settings/passwords, you could see the password unlike in Vivaldi settings page. But still you can't edit/change them. Only delete.

    Forgot to add.
    That CSV show PLAIN Password! Look right-left-back before you open it. :grin:

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