each my post is marked(flag) as SPAM

  • why?

  • @ZAJDAN This is some automated antispamsoftware interrupting your posts - I'll guess you included a link?
    This can be bypassed when you post your links like this www[dot]google[dot]com or in any other way that doesn't let it look like a link.
    The new forum software sometimes does this.
    In addition it might be helpful in avoiding to trigger this software when you have a reputation higher than zero - so here take my upvote (hope this helps)

    EDIT: just remembered that there was a case were this was region based - so the next question if this doesn't solve it is where are you right now?

  • ok I will try it...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Upvote to help too.

    Don't abuse it. :laughing:

  • You need 3 reputation, don't think it has anything to do with region, I'd be very surprised at least.

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