• Why did you removed access to settings using the following path: vivaldi://vivaldi-urls>vivaldi://settings in the newer snapshot(v.1.10.856.16 )?
    0_1496121169399_Setting v11085616.png

    0_1496121204515_Settings v1108453.png

    Sorry to say but I'm disappointed. I hope that you'll revert the changes you made.

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    @tandrot8 Why such a long URL? What's wrong with vivaldi://settings ?

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    @tandrot8 (And, BTW, that new internal URL interface is a Chromium thing, not Vivaldi. So it could be that the intake of Chromium 59 broke the URL that you like so much.)

  • @tandrot8 said in Settings:


    it seems not to work if i select this and use rclick/go to, but press enter again and it appears to me, and from there also the //settings link.
    manually copy/pasting into url it works at first try.

  • @iAN-CooG said in Settings:


    Maybe use vivaldi://about instead?
    It strange that address go to same page as vivaldi-urls.

  • @tandrot8
    As @Ayespy mentioned
    I don't thing it's removed.
    Chromium change again, break Vivaldi again. Usual.

    Beside, why you visit Vivaldi settings through that path?

    Speaking that settings page.

    • vivaldi://chrome/settings = go to older Chromium look settings page.
    • vivaldi://settings (chrome://settings) = go to newer Chromium look settings page (that blue page).

    Note: Manually visit vivaldi://settings from address bar go right to Vivaldi setting.

    Password export/import (need flag enabled) buttons only show up in older look.

    The blue page looks more beautiful for me though.
    Blue lover.

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    @dLeon said in Settings:

    The blue page looks more beautiful for me though.
    Blue lover.

    The new Chrome UI may look nice but it's a train wreck from a usability perspective. At least with the old UI, you could see/confirm settings at a glance. Now, you have to drill down into sub-menus to see individual parameters. It also has a distinct look that clashes (even more) with the native UI of every major (non-Google) OS. I'm very curious to see how users will react when Chrome 59 gets released later this week.

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    @iAN-CooG Confirmed. Select/right-click/go on vivaldi://vivaldi-urls doesn't work on OS X either.

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    @tandrot8 Confirmed on OS X as well.

    The vivaldi://settings link in vivaldi://vivaldi-urls takes me to the chrome://settings page.

    Entering vivaldi://settings into the URL bar takes me to the Vivaldi settings page, as it should.

    Doing a select/right-click/go on vivaldi://settings takes me to Chrome settings page.

  • @xyzzy
    Should mentioned that I'm not a fan how it work. So, I agree with you about usability.
    I just said I'm Blue lover. 😆

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    @dLeon 🙂 Yet another reason for Chrome users to switch to Vivaldi! (Due to the awful UI, not the colour, just to be clear...)

  • @Ayespy Using vivaldi://settings gives the vivaldi settings window, correct ?
    Using vivaldi://vivaldi-urls and then clicking on vivaldi://settings gives the chromium settings window.
    I use from time to time chromium settings window to modify different settings and clean browsing history,cache, etc. One time I noticed after accessing chromium Clear Browsing Data that I had data on Cache images and files and on Download history, although I used Clear Browsing Data from vivaldi.

  • @dLeon I tested what you posted. I confirm the links. Noticed that when I pasted the address vivaldi://chrome/settings it redirects to older Chromium look settings page.

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    @tandrot8 Ah. The "vivaldi://" prefix in front of the chrome settings address is unnecessary. To get to the "chrome" style page, you need merely input chrome://settings .

  • @Vivaldi-Team Can you confirm the following:
    Vivaldi started in incognito mode: entering chrome://settings gives you:0_1496209875521_Setting v11085616.png

    Vivaldi started in normal mode: entering chrome://settings gives you:

    Is this a Vivaldi bug?

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    @tandrot8 Vivaldi Team reads here when they can, and for the most part do not post here. I'll test and see what I get. It strikes me, though, that if incognito mode is working properly, it should not detect who you are and should offer no services.

    On the other hand, what you are looking at is NOT a Vivaldi interface, and it includes invalid entries which do not apply to Vivaldi and will not work in Vivaldi (like the invitation to sign in for sync services.) You could call this a "bug" because Vivaldi should not show you anything that does not belong to the browser - but to be fair, you are cheating and viewing a Chromium page, not a Vivaldi one.

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    @tandrot8 OK - so I tested it, and it works the same way here. Pretty much the way I would expect it to work at this stage of development.

  • @Ayespy Since the core of Vivaldi is Chromium I don't understand why I shouldn't be able to see/access the Chromium's pages/windows. Why is this cheating?

    Vivaldi built an interface on top of the Chromium, made some very good additions and modifications that allows users to do things that you can't do in other chromium based browsers, except maybe Opera.

    I know that Vivaldi's developers want/try to hide some or all pages/windows of Chromium, which for some users doesn't matter, but for power users (maybe)matter because they can access some settings and tweak the browser how they want.

  • @tandrot8
    Disable Hardware Acceleration still only in original for example.
    And the most annoying for me, "Ask where to save each file before downloading" is the one asked by some of my extensions. The one in Vivaldi settings ignored.

    As long not all original Chromium settings in that page moved and or tied to Vivaldi Settings, I believe that Chromium settings page will stay around. Probably also add all those funky flags or command-line, imagine Firefox about:config. That surely would take times.

  • @Ayespy
    If we put it like vivaldi://chrome/settings, Vivaldi throw the old look, which I preferred. chrome://settings give the new blue one per Chromium 59.


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