Bulk Media Downloader window

  • If anyone have time to spare.

    Could you test Bulk Media Downloader extension?
    It's window not appear (can not be seen) on me since Vivaldi Snapshot 1.10.x.x(?)

    The window appear in current Vivaldi Stable 1.9.818.50
    The window also appear in current Google Chrome Beta 59.0.3071.71, relatively same version with current Vivaldi Snapshot 1.10.856.16 Chromium.

    The proof the window does appear are there however;

    • wmctrl -l listed it.
    • link to data/window/index.html show up in Extension page (Developer mode on).
    • The extension R overlay icon appear on extension icon.
    • uBlock0 logger detect the window title.

    The window just not accessible. And to make sure I close it, I need to disable the extension or restart Vivaldi. The R icon sometime stuck however.

    Thank you.

    Based on my first post https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/138731

    Linux/Debian sid amd64
    Openbox WM
    Fluxbox WM

  • Can confirm this. Doesn't work on latest snapshot.

  • @luetage

    Thank you very much. 😄

  • I can confirm it too!! Nothing happens when I click on the icon! Only shows a letter r!

  • Fixed in Vivaldi 1.10.862.6. Thank you devs.

  • I've just tried installing it and all I got clicking on the extension button is a completely white screen. I'm not sure what this last snapshot fixed regarding popup windows, but it made it worse for me.

  • @iAN-CooG
    Which extension?
    My OP extension window just show up now.

    Seem also fix LastPass problem in other thread somehow.

  • Which extension... we're talking about "Bulk Media Downloader" in here. 🙂
    I just wanted to try it but all I get is a white window. Also seems that this makes my Vivaldi installation acting weird, popup windows (instead of popup in tabs) appear as white windows.

  • @iAN-CooG
    Oh, you actually try this extension, sorry. 😆

    Not sure what happen. You did usual drill? Clean profile.

  • I think the latest "fix" messed with quite a few things. Foremost, the extension in question gives a window now, but it's actually messed up. I can still see part of an extension icon on the right side and part of the address bar -- it's not a fully clean window.

    Furthermore simulating browser restarts gives the same f++ up window, and no way to recover it to a normal state. Only closing the window and opening the new one is a "solution".

  • @luetage
    Good point.

    It's clean & normal when I set setting to Native window.

    The original Vivaldi window need more fix apparently.

  • maybe it's a windows version problem and not happening on linux version.

    I found the problem, took me a while to try out all possibilities but I now can reproduce it: it's due to one particular mod in VivaldiHooks: go-button.js
    As soon as it's activated, pop up windows gets blank. Deactivating it, pop up windows work. Not a Vivaldi problem, at least. The bulk media extension works correctly for me now too. Would be preferable if it would respect the Vivaldi setting to open popups in new tab instead of always in a window, but ok.

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