Quick Commands improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.856.16

  • Quick Commands improvements take center stage in today’s snapshot.

    Click here to see the full blog post

  • @margarita Thanks. There are some nice bug fixes there. Typing in Quick Commands is much faster now.

  • Very good! Great start to the day with a great update! Thank you!

    Amazing! The quick command has improved a lot!
    Thanks for the correction of opening a folder by the quick command by typing your nickname (when it is set to open automatically)
    And for this : “Search in a new tab” is broken (VB-28536)
    Less an extension! I can now see the number of tabs opened by the quick command.
    Before I used this extension : Chrome Tab Counter
    I do not need more now! Thank you!

  • "[Quick Commands] Typing gets increasingly slow with a big set of bookmarks (VB-7463)"

    Many thanks! This has been very irritating for me for quite a while now ever since I imported a bunch of bookmarks from Opera

  • "[Developer Tools] Undocked dev tools doesn’t close when closing the parent tab (VB-28608)"
    Love it!. Thank you.

  • I have yet to install the update, but it's always nice to see so many fixes and improvements.

  • Another cool list of changelog.

    [Quick Commands] Typing gets increasingly slow with a big set of bookmarks (VB-7463)

    Ho, this also one of my top most favorite for current snapshot.
    Finalllllyyy, I could use Quick Command.

    [Extensions] Hard to move extension icons by dragging when “Use Animation” is off (VB-27959)

    It's caused by turning off animation? So that's why. I know it's a bug, but I didn't realize that's the cause.

  • Color gesture strokes in settings (VB-21975)

    What & Where is this?

  • Thanks for the update!

    Are there any news about VB-23017 (Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs)? That bug has bee around for quite a while now.

  • @dleon: settings > mouse <- the color of the stroke of the mouse gestures and the background follows the themes settings now.

  • @QuHno
    Oh, I see.
    I thought it seen able gesture (overlay), like someone ever requested sometime ago.


  • Speed dial addresses not being triggered by editing them (pressing space) is a nice fix. This was confusing.

  • The animation when opening tabs improved, before when there were many tabs open, the animation when opening a new tab was not fast, now this good!

  • that was a long wait, unfortunately - nothing for me this time

    i love keyboard, but quick commands never took me. maybe i'll try again

  • Linux deb 32bit (x86) isn't supported anymore? Why I can't see it on the list?

  • Thank you for giving quick commands some love! It's always been one of the most compelling features to me, but I've never been able to give it serious use because of bookmarks slowing it down. Now it works perfectly and is, as expected, completely awesome. Thanks again!

  • @summoner
    Maybe letter. Or, someone forgot to compile it.

    Someone did ask the devs to focus the x64 version, I think it's yesterday.
    Although in Linux/Debian, I have no problem with Vivaldi x64 version.

    Heck, I never see any real problems with browser experience ever posted for Linux in this forum these days. Mostly Mac & Windows. Linux problem post can count under 10 finger weekly.
    Either Linux version pretty stable or Linux user are all mighty.

  • "[Address Field] [IME] Cannot go to some pages by “Cut and Copy Encoded” (VB-28747)"
    "[Address field] Copy URL doesn’t work properly for some characters (VB-28662)"

    Don't works here, sorry.

    1.10.856.16 (Build oficial) (32 bits) Windows

  • Moderator

    @summoner: There are technical difficulties with those after updating to the current Chromium engine. Devs are trying hard...

  • @jafaro said:

    Don't works here, sorry.

    It does not work with the left mouse button, but it does well with the keyboard shortcut


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