Favicons showing everywhere but on the tabs

  • As the tile says. Favicons on bookmark bar, in bookmark sidebar, in deleted tabs list, but favicons on tabs are either blank, white, or default globe icon.

    Tried deletind Favicons files in User Data, recreate them by visiting each page, same result.

    Happening in both latest snapshot and release version of vivaldi. Started few months back I was waiting to see if it gets resolved.

    screenshot: https://turbomrak.ddns.net/s/wF8gLBq4LLgqRyW

    Any advice welcome, thanks.

    edit: funny thing, looking at the screenshot the only favicon that shows on tab is vivaldi forum's favicon so what's going on here with the other favicons?

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    @sammael I don't know. All of my favicons show everywhere. Is there something special about your installation or your extensions?

  • @Ayespy I don't think there is anything special about my installation, It's a standalone (portable) install in c:/_Portable/_other/Vivaldi directory.

    Extensions I'm using are:
    Checker Plus for Gmail
    Google Translate
    HTTPS Everywhere
    Private Internet Access (extension from my vpn provider)
    Search Image by Google
    uBlock Origin

  • @sammael
    I believe, @Ayespy also expect you to check with clean Vivaldi profile, no extensions. Re-open those sites.

    You're also not using custom user styles (like in Modification thread here) and or Vivaldi Hook don't you?

  • @sammael Standalone is not portable.

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    @dLeon To be clear, I only use dirty profiles on this machine - four of them for four versions, and favicons just work. I don't use extensions. I can't tell for sure from @sammael 's extensions whether one of them is likely to interfere, but to my eye, perhaps five of them are possible suspects - Authy, Chrome|Pass, HTTPS Everywhere, Private Internet Access, and uBlockOrigin. Hell, even pushbullet could get its fingers in the works.

  • I'm currently rather busy and expecting to travel in following days so sadly don't have time to tinker with this atm, but i will try without extensions and with clean profile later on thru the week and report my results.

    I'm not using any custom styles or bundle.js modifications or anything like that.

    I would just like to reiterate I've been using the same extensions (with the exception of PIA, but the favicons stopped working before I started using vpn so it's not that), and indeed the same install and profile of vivaldi for probably over a year and the favicons always worked. They stopped working about 2 months ago so I chalked it up to the build at the time and due to busy schedule only found time to report it now.

    As for standalone not being portable. While that might be the case, from my point of view as end customer, if it has both app and profile data in one dir and I can reinstall windows and just copy that dir back, start vivaldi.exe and have the same browser with same bookmarks and logins saved (cookies) without having to run any setup.exe and clicking thru 25screens - that's what I expect from portable app regardless of it's designation being standalone.

    I'll be gladly educated in what the differences between standalone and portable are, however to my knowledge vivaldi doesn't offer portable version, and the standalone version fulfils my requirements of portable and I plan on keeping using it as such.

  • @sammael
    Also check if your Vivaldi UI appearance not below 100%.
    There's a "come back" bug of missing icon & cut frame around newest forum threads.

  • I can confirm that starting with clean profile solves this it's just gonna be a bit of bother to set it back up the way I'm used to but I'm thankful for pointing me the right way. I've copied Bookmarks, Favicons, Cookies and few other from old profile and so far so good, didn;t go so well with either Preferences nor Secure Preferences.


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