Urlbar buttons are too bright

  • I was playing around urlbar buttons as on most light themes are too bright and even on some dark ones - so I did this small code.
    Probably, it needs some add to make the color switch but I didn't managed yet.

    /*Some values depends on my mods
    so I keep them off by default*/
    /*Urlbar buttons follow vivaldi theme*/
    button.button-addressfield {
    	/*padding: 3px 0px 17px 0px;*/
    	/*margin: -1px -1px 0px 0px;*/
    	background-color: var(--colorAccentBgDarker);
    	border-radius: 0;
    	/*opacity: .95;*/
    	/*filter: hue-rotate(330deg);*/

  • @Hadden89

    This page is very useful for creating css filters


  • @sjudenim Thanks, I'll look it.
    However, seem the extension icon it's always black when a cookie is whitelist(ed) and it's white when blacklisted (default behaviour).
    To do some useful change in urlbar, I should hook extension icon (light/dark) before to start - but probably I need its dev extension to do that.
    What can I use to decode base64? I know linux does it out of the box, but if there's a tool/software/site which work nicely on windows I'll use it 🙂

  • I actually customize visible extension icons to fit my theme -- but not with css, but simply by editing and exchanging the actual icon in the extension. This is arguably a pain in case the extension updates every other week, but for me it works great (just remember to safe the icons outside of the extension).

  • @luetage Yes, probably I'll do that way... I've only one extension in urlbar 🙂

    edit: yes, it's better now...
    I tweaked the images to be always gray and now the ext icon is visible even on dark themes.
    Didn't try to apply yet the alpha transparency for png, but they are quite nice, now.
    No more "alone in the dark" button 🙂


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