Creating a button to toggle side panel

  • Hey, I don't have the status bar visible so I have no button to toggle the side bar.
    I have the side panel on the right side, so the idea is to have a toggle button where the extention buttons are, or below on the bookmark bar.

    I'd make it myself but I don't know what JS file I'm gonna have to edit or if there's a better way to do it, so if someone could point me the right way that would be nice.

  • If your workflow allows it, it's more practical to open the panel with a shortcut. In any case you shouldn't edit the application files directly, but instead create a dedicated custom.js file ---->

  • @luetage I tend to not have my hand on my keyboard when browsing internet, so having a button to toggle the side bar would fit me better.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply! I managed to throw together a little script that did what I wanted.

  • @xpopy How you did that? Did you move the panel button or it's some javascript? :)

  • @Hadden89 You can move the panel to the right side in the Settings > Panel > Panel Position, and then I made a script for the button

    The script isn't perfect and doesn't detect if you open the panel in another way, but it does the job and looks neat :)

  • @xpopy

    What is wrong with the built in toggle button?

  • Also what's wrong with F4?

  • @iAN-CooG As I said to luetage, I tend to not have my hand on my keyboard when browsing internet, so having a button to toggle the side bar would fit me better. It's just some smaller quality of life improvements

  • @sjudenim As I said in the main post, I don't use status bar. In my opinion they're ugly and take up too much space for what they're worth. I've already gotten something that is smaller, takes up no extra space and does the job, don't see why people are against it

  • No one is against it, Coog just overlooked your previous answer and I believe sjudenim is curious why you didn't just move/style the button that already has the desired functionality. Just a guess though.

  • @xpopy

    I'm aware of what you said, I was not referring to the status bar


    Show Panel Toggle

    you can make it transparent and then activate it by hovering near the edge of the window on the side that your panel is on. Therefor there is no visible button which takes up even less space yet has a larger activation area.

    People were only trying to help, don't see why you have such a problem with that.

  • @sjudenim Asking "whats wrong with this and that" isn't helping. If you'd written what you did now instead it would've been much more helpfull.

    And honestly I didn't even think of making that panel toggle transparent, but as I just tried it out it wouldn't work because I have the flag #overlay-scrollbars enabled. The panel toggle overlays the scrollbar so that you can't use it. Probably possible to edit the css to work around that, but I can't think of anything of the top of my head that would look good, and I've already gotten my own button working so..

    I appreciate you trying to help, but I think I'm happy with the result I got :)

  • @xpopy

    You made no mention of the toggle button in your post, so I asked in order to gauge my next discourse.

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