Vivaldi Email Accounts Questions

  • I'm pretty sure this will be regarded as a mis-categorised post, but i couldn't find a more-obvious one to suit my enquiry. Is this info still current & correct pls?
    "Where are Vivaldi servers located?

    They are hosted in Iceland where many of our team member resides. We started using Cloudflare as our CDN to improve site performance. However, our Mail service does NOT use CDN and is served only from our Iceland data center."

    Further, i have been trying for a couple of years to persuade a US friend of mine to ditch his gmail account [at least for just our own comms, even if not universally] & get a non-US non-5Eyes one. He's willing but unenthusiastic. I was going to recommend a Vivaldi one to him, but recently i think i noticed some V-posters mentioning they seemed to be having hassles getting new email accounts created... given his reluctance, i do not want his putative sign-up experience to be anything less than smoothly effortlessly successful. What's the current opinion -- is it working ok again now? [to create accounts, i mean; i know that the actual V email service itself continues to work just fine].

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    @Steffie I'm still waiting for evidence/feedback that new account creation is working properly again.

  • @Ayespy Ah. Ie, i didn't just dream that some newbies were having hassles with it? [i don't trust my memory]. Bummer. Having been niggling away for so long at my friend, it's a shame to not now proceed.

    No updated knowledge yet on the mail server hosting location pls?

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    @Steffie The servers are in Iceland.


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