Vivaldi window unable to be opened.

  • I have 3 Vivaldi windows active at the same time. Suddenly, I am unable to open 1 of them. Hovering my cursor over the window for a "quick peek" doesn't display anything for this particular window too. It seems like this window has died. Is there any way to obtain the information of the opened tabs for this window ? I do not want to lose the tabs for this window.

  • Moderator

    Try the trash bin icon (near the new tab button). There you should find an entry like "Window with n tabs" - hopefully, your lost tabs will be there.

  • I found that the Session Buddy extension is able to show the tab information of other windows too. A lifesaver. Hmm yet another window suffered the same issue as the first one, it still exists, but it is unable to be maximised. Hmm.


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