A pop-up "the proxy https://.... requires a username and password"

  • Hello,

    after I added some extensions to Vivaldi (https everywhere, uBlock origin and Zenmate), I keep getting a small pop-up that says "the proxy https://chambers-silver.. requires a username and password!
    What's going on here? Is it one of the extensions (of these three, only zenmate asks for registration)? And if so, why am I getting this pop-up after I had already signed up on zenmate (I'm getting the popup even while I'm signed in)!

    I used Vivaldi with the same extensions last summer, and I never got this pop-up. And I use the same extensions with Google Chrome and I never get such pop-up.

    I'm a novice user who's very paranoid about infections. I use Avast free as my real-time AV, and I haven't had an infection (except for PUPs which I'm aware of) in years. And every time I see this vivaldi pop-up, I freak out and scan my laptop with HitmanPro and Emsisoft Emergency Kit (it always comes clean).


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