Trackpad commands in Vivaldi (using Linux on a dual-booting laptop PC)

  • Hi! I'm new to the forums (and also to Vivaldi), so I've got a newbie question for you all: is there any way to use mouse commands on a trackpad without needing to press a key such as Alt? Obviously you can scroll up and down with two fingers but is there any way to implement gestures such as the two-finger horizontal swipe to go forwards or backwards in your history, as you can do in Chrome on a chromebook?

    Thank you very much!

    Lucas (aka a big noob)

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    I cant test it with my Notebook as it stay in company's office.

    But you can use Mouse gestures with Touchpad, too.
    Please read about Mouse Gestures at

  • @Gwen-Dragon Yes, I've figured that out - I'm not having any problems using gestures with the Alt key, I just find it very uncomfortable compared to what I was able to do on Chrome and I was looking for a way around it to boost my productivity. Let me know if you have any ideas. Is there any way to change the program so that a second finger could be used instead of the Alt key? Thanks!

  • You could install EasyStroke, which will accept gestures as you hold the right button. It has the advantage of being a system-wide solution, good for all browsers, including file managers and other progs.

  • @paul1149 Thank you for the suggestion! It doesn't allow for two-finger commands like the one automatically part of of chromebooks, but the click and swipe is very, very helpful. Thanks again! I'd recommend this program to anyone with the same issue as me.

  • @lsahar Good. I'm glad that helps. BW.


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