Running out of memory

  • I have a problem with this browser - it doesn't seem to be freeing the same amount of memory when you close or hibernate a tab compared to when you open it.

    What this results in, is that it eats more, and more, and more memory over time, until I run out of 16 GB RAM and have to close it eventually.

    Hibernate background tabs works, to a degree, but as I said, it doesn't free the same amount of space as it was consumed earlier.

    I also have The Great Suspender extension, but it doesn't seem to do much, the tab gets unloaded visually, but I don't think it actually frees much memory.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Can this be extension-related?

    I haven't really ever had Firefox to consume so much memory that I would run out of 16 GB limit, even with 5 times more tabs open, but with Vivaldi it happens regularly.

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    @Shajirr: It certainly is not the normal operation of the browser here, on Win 10. So it could be extension-related.

    I also have 16 GB of RAM, and with the browser (29 tabs), my accounting program, a image explorer/editor, a text editor, an email client and two Windows file explorer windows open, plus two cloud syncs running in the background, my total RAM consumption is 7.7 GB. And that's high for me. It normally runs around 5-6 GB with this same load. I NEVER run out of memory, even with 3 different installs of Vivaldi running at the same time.

    Edit: Killed Vivaldi and it freed up 2.7 GB of RAM, so I have to assume that's how much it was using.

  • I disabled most of my extenstions and the issue is still there.

    Also by accident found a thread where another user mentioned the same problem:
    "I use "Lazy Load Restored Tabs", since every single browser has that option already, so tabs don't load until activated. Frequent restart is needed when all of RAM hogs up, alternatively I can discard tabs, since it has been implemented for a while now, but it does not unload entire tab's memory which is a bummer. CPU wise Vivaldi behaves well, no problems here."

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    @Shajirr Try a clean copy of the browser into which no extensions have ever been installed. You can emulate this condition with the first steps of refreshing your profile.


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