Blank Google maps - a workaround

  • Even though it's supposed to be a closed bug, I still found that all Google maps pages were blank {Vivaldi 1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (64-bit Devuan Linux)}. What would happen is that the map would briefly appear, but as Google's code constructed the UI, the map would go blank.

    I could get things to work by spoofing the UserAgent to a very old version of Chrome. Other identities work also (Firefox, say) but not necessarily with full functionality.

    I created a new, clean profile, and the maps worked perfectly. But if I exited the browser and re-started it, the maps disappeared again!

    By trial and error, I found that if I deleted the file "Local State" in the profile directory before starting Vivaldi, Google maps will always work. I don't see any side effects either, so I put a line in the /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi script to delete it on startup:
    rm $HOME/.config/vivaldi/Local\ State

    Perhaps someone who knows the code will understand why this is happening.

  • @SteveGraham
    Google Maps (@ ?

    Never had any problem with that site.

    File Local State basically only filled with:

    • Chromium (Vivaldi) use experience.
    • Video card.
    • Flags we set at chrome://flags.

    I have no "real" idea why deleting that file will "fix" Google Maps.
    Reasonable suspect is Vivaldi vs Video hardware conflict.

    Linux/ Debian sid amd64


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