No Control Elements fpr Mp4 / Gif files

  • Hello,

    I seem to have run in a problem with Vivaldi where i am unable to view the Control Elements for mp4 videos on websites.

    Normally you can right-click on such a file as mentioned above when there are no control elements by itself and choose "Show control elements" but unfortunately they seem to work sometimes and sometimes they don't for the same site/file.

    I am running Windows 10
    Extensions in use (tried deactivating/uninstalling them with no luck):
    Magic Actions for youtube
    Last Pass

    Security software used is the integrated one in windows and brain.exe

    i would really appreciate any help i can get.

  • Moderator

    GIF files (they are images!) have no controls.
    MP4 files show teh contrels after mouseover.

    Please give ma a link to test.

  • Yeah sorry for that Gif impression. I am aware that these are images and therefore have no controls.

    I forgot to mention that this is because on 9gag they convert them to mp4 files and still call them gifs.

    Is an example link but basically any "gif/mp4" file on 9gag has that issue for me.

    I am used to the controls from other browsers so i am aware that they should appear on mouseover.

  • at least to me they appear with right click/show controls

  • Moderator

    Open "GIF" video in a new tab with context menu. Hover the video and you will get controls.

  • Hmm indeed. But i guess that is not how it should be with the new tab?

  • Moderator

    But the 9gag "GIF" video on top has no controls in no browser. May be that was the intention of the webpage's maker.

  • Well while using opera i get the controls immediately after the click on show controls.
    I may be wrong but i was always under the assumption that this is a feature of the browser not the website as the controls seem to look the same across any website.

  • Moderator

    In a HTML5 and MP4 video there is the ability to show/hide controls with context menu.

    //EDIT: Now is see, what happens. You have to start the video, and then you can enable unhide controls by context menu 🙂

  • I have Opera Stable Version: 45.0.2552.812

  • Well to me it still doesn't work in vivaldi unless i open the link in a new tab.


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