Can't See YouTube Comments

  • I can't see any YouTube comments using Vivaldi.
    I can see comments with other browsers.

    I am using the latest Vivaldi Snapshot on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

  • @Dypsis
    1.) What Windows version do you use?
    2.) What extensions do you use?
    3.) What security software do you use? (firewall, antivirus, etc)

  • Hi.

    I have already stated my Windows version in my first post.
    I use Windows Defender.

    Adblock Plus (I have tried disabling it)
    Clickable Links
    Net Usage Item
    Session Buddy
    Office Online
    Smooth Scroll

  • @Dypsis

    @Dypsis said in Can't See YouTube Comments:

    I have already stated my Windows version in my first post.

    Oops, sorry my bad... it's still early in the morning over here ^^

    Mmh, no common culprit between your extensions. My best guess so far is that you disable win defender to have a look if this might solve your problem (there have been a few issues with blocking media data).
    If this doesn't help try uninstalling adblock (just for testing, because disabling it may not hinder adblock from interfering with your browsing) - if you use customised rules / settings make sure to save them first.

    If this still doesn't help to resolve the issue - you might want to try to refresh your profile (don't worry you can back up your data pretty easy and copy everything back if it doesn't work)
    In the provide link below there is a pretty good instruction on how to do so and how to backup your data:

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