Assigning Access Keys

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    I assume that this would be an automated process following a simple algorithm:

    1. Assign first letter of first word
    2. Else, assign first letter of next word
    3. Else, assign second letter of first word, etc.

    That's not what happens. This is the context menu for two selected tabs, for example.

    I have highlighted the letters that I think should be assigned, but it does not match which keys are assigned, and some items have no access key assigned. How is it supposed to work? Is it done manually by the developers?

    0_1495563524258_Assigning Access Keys.png

    There's an error in my screen shot. Reopen should be assigned Access Key E, not R (which is used by Reload).

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    I don't how it is done in Vivaldi in particular, not even sure there is any "universal way" of doing so.
    In other software, I know it is most likely done manually (by developers or otherwise) with a good dosage of human-made good sense into it.

    In many cases it is even most likely done by whoever is in charge of a certain localization in a translation team.
    I say this because while doing some UI translations for other software, I encountered the task of specifying access keys white translating UI strings, which is also useful if you think about it, so that they can also be localized to match the language at hand.

    Some translation software even specifically provide proper markup and tools for this, although as you mention it could probably be made programatically very easily.


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