Prevent automatic tab loading on startup

  • Hi guys,

    I wonder if it is possible to prevent automatic load of tabs when you start Vivaldi until you specifically load a tab by pressing Enter on its address bar or pressing Refresh button.
    I ask this, because I like to keep a lot of tabs open(for example over 100 tabs, you can say I like to keep tabs open rather than using bookmark). This both slow downs startup time and eats RAM as a snack. Then it will be great if I could delay tab loading until I press refresh button(or press enter in address bar) in my specific tab after Vivaldi startup which loads this specific tab and leaves other tabs unloaded(means tabs should not try to load automatically at all).
    In this way I can speed up browser loading a lot and decrease RAM using for my current session.

    Btw, what I ask for is somehow like manual lazy loading, not automatic.

    Best Regards

  • @afshin.pir There is the startup option "Lazy Load Restored Tabs", but this only delays loading until tab is active (selected/brought to foreground).
    If you want to delay loading until you actually press refresh, then that may need a feature request; check if that has already been done in

    If not, you could add it.


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