Any way to join the Forum from Opera 12.16?

  • Hi guys, because of the high-cpu problems that I'm having with the latest version of Vivaldi, I decided to use Opera 12.16 (for now) but when I try to join can't connect to the Forum. The browser tries to connect but without success. Any idea?
    alt text

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    @Marko-Indaco Use a modern browser like Firefox if you cannot use Vivaldi. Opera 12.17 is unusable on many sites now.

  • @Pesala yeah, I know my friend, but i love so much that lightweight with my_classic_skin_opera_10_turbo (the best skin ever and ever) 😍
    Btw, right now I'm controlling Vivaldi and maybe I understand what makes it heavy. It's just a supposition by could be the WhatsAppWeb tab, leaving in background. It's seems memory hungry after a while. I look better within these days. I'll going to use Chromium as second browser cause Firefox it becomes scandalously heavy from the latest releases.
    Thank you for reply 👍


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