Request: Separators in bookmarks toolbar

  • Hello all. New user here.

    I like many things in Vivaldi. But the only thing not making me make the definite switch to Vivaldi at this stage is because of its lack of separators on the bookmarks toolbar.

    This may seem an odd thing to say. But those separators do make a big part of my browser usage pattern. I tend to use the toolbar as a more effective (to me) alternative to speed dials. I don't name my bookmarks and rely entirely on visual memory of their icons to quickly access my most important websites.

    Here's what I see on another browser:
    0_1495507319399_Screenshot at 2017-05-23 03-38-25.png

    And here is what I see on Vivaldi:
    0_1495507418965_Screenshot at 2017-05-23 03-38-43.png

    As you can see, Vivaldi doesn't help locating bookmarks by creating visible separators to better capture icons at a glance.

    Note that the vertical bookmarks panel is not a good alternative for someone like me who has a good number of quick access bookmarks. Modern screen aspect ratios are predominately horizontal and offer little vertical space to accommodate many bookmarks. My current list that fits comfortably on the browser toolbar of my 1600x900 monitor, is cut by more than half on the bookmarks panel in Vivaldi.

    Please introduce this, I believe small, feature.

    Edit: I know I can create a local html page and give its own icon image that I can then use as my DIY separator. That's what I plan to do for now. But it would be mint if you folks helped avoid having to do that. Especially because these type of separators will still take the full size of an icon which is wasteful.

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    Please have a look in und upvote the request for such feature.


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