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  • Something that has bugged me for over a year is that Shift Click is not opening a link in a new window like it does in all of the other browsers. I figured it was just a Chromium bug and so Vivaldi was not able to get it to work.

    I just started a new job and they had us using Chrome (which is a horrendous browser) and I noticed that Shift Click works in Chrome.

    So, the question now is, how can I get Shift Click to work correctly in Vivaldi?

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    You can use Ctrl+Shift+Click.

  • what about Ctrl+Click to open in a new tab ? Wouldn't that do the job for you? (you could also click on the mousewheel)

  • @guerin
    Opening in a new tab wouldn't work because I was looking for it to open in a new window. I completely hate tabs.
    It's one of the many things I miss from Opera.

  • right mouse and then click open in new window 🙂

  • @ross03 said in Shift Click to open link:

    right mouse and then click open in new window 🙂

    That slows me down a lot because you have to click on the link, wait for the pop-out box, and then stop to hunt for the right option.
    The only thing that pop-out box was good for was opening a duplicate window but alas that is yet another feature that did not carry over from Opera.

  • @bdot
    Enhancement (editing) for keyboard shortcuts, gestures & any menu (think Old Opera) is the last I like to see, already requested.

    Other, probably to request new commands for open link to be add for keyboard & mouse gestures settings. I think this already requested too.


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