[Workaround Provided] Left-Click + Drag Highlights Hyperlink Elements Instead of Dragging

    1. Navigate to YouTube.com.
    2. Hold left-click on a video thumbnail (or video title) and drag.
      Result: The element is highlighted.

    I use this convenient method in Mozilla Firefox to open a video in a second browser window on another monitor by dragging the element to the tab bar in the other window. I recommend performing the same steps in Mozilla Firefox if you need a better understanding of how I expect this to work.

  • @AceFool In Vivaldi, smart dragging is enabled now. If one clicks and drags horizontal on link text, the text is selected; if one drag vertically, the link is dragged.

    So, drag the link or thumbnail vertically, and drop it onto the New Tab button in the other window to open it.

    Currently, dropping onto the tab bar is not implemented.

  • @Pesala Thank you for the information and assistance. This explains why I was able to get it to work a few times; I just happened to drag more vertically.

    Is there a way to disable smart dragging? I could not find one.

    Feature request for an option to disable "smart dragging" submitted: forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15385/feature-requests-for-1-9-1-10/1026

  • @AceFool Now that you know, you don't need an option to disable it. Just remember to drag vertically, unless you want to select the text. That's why it's called smart. Asking for an option to disable smart features is not smart. Who can say whether you will never need to select some text in a link?

  • @AceFool Another workaround in the meantime is to use a mouse gesture to drag the link. I think, by default, right clicking on a link and dragging down makes it open in a new tab.

  • @Tiamarth said in [Workaround Provided] Left-Click + Drag Highlights Hyperlink Elements Instead of Dragging:

    use a mouse gesture to drag the link

    There is no command to open a link in a new window, nor on a secondary monitor.

  • @Pesala Ah, yeah. My mistake. I had skimmed the thread and thought it was about dragging a link to create a new tab. Still, you could use a gesture to open a link in a new tab and then another gesture to move the tab to a new window.

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