Vivaldi tab opening rules

  • I have an issue with how the new tab or restore old one works.

    When it's by default - "Open after related" it doesn't place my new tab after the current one. For example:

    I'm viewing Steam forums for two different games and the tabs are opened next to each other, I'm on the first tab (the one on the left) and I keep Ctrl+Right Mouse clicking links for threads that I want opened in the background. While this happens, it doesn't open them after my active tab, it opens them after the tab with the forums for the other game (the one on the right), which isn't really very well thought out in my opinion.

    Example with numbers:
    [1] - tab of first forum; [2] - tab of second forum; [3], [4], [5], [6] - tabs threads from tab #1

    How I expect tabs to open: [1] [3][4][5][6] [2]
    How they open instead: [1] [2] [3][4][5][6]

    I have to use the setting "Open new tab after active tab" to feel more at home, but when I have this one on, if I close a tab standing between two other tabs, when I press Ctrl+Shift+T to restore it, it doesn't open to where it used to be, it also opens after the active tab, in turn changing its position.

    Example with numbers:
    [1] - left tab; [2] - right tab; [3] - closed and restored tab

    Where I expect the tab to be restored: [1] [3] [2]
    Where the tab is restored instead: [1] [2] [3]

    My suggestion is to either allow for more customization or just include the rules from Chrome as an aditional opion.

  • @TianlanSha Your description makes it appear (to me) that your first two tabs are also related tabs (i.e. [first forum] and [second forum]).

    If I start Vivaldi (using Start Page setting as Speed Dial):
    I open a tab [Vivaldi Forums] and another tab [Youtube]

    So I now have 1-[Speed Dial]; 2-[Viv Forum]; 3-[Youtube]

    Now, again for me, opening new tabs from Viv forum does "insert" them before the Youtube tab as you expect; same for close/re-open. Also, opening tabs from Youtube adds them at the end of tab list.

    My settings:
    New Tab Position - After Related Tabs
    Close Tab Activation - Always Activate Related Tab & Activate in Recently Used Order

    Also, not sure if it matters, but I have
    Tab Cycling - Cycle in Recently Used Order

  • @TbGbe I have absolutely no idea what tab cycling does or how affects all this.

    It seems I was wrong after all - after installing Chrome, I found out that the default behaviors in both browsers are identical, but my request for open new tab after related to be even more accurate still stands.

    Sure, opening it after the rest of the related tabs is fine, but on the long run it turns messy.


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