Syncing between Vivaldi and smartphones/tablets

  • I searched the forums and found some promises years ago about syncing possibilities between devices, but the issue isn't solved yet so I thought I would mention it again. We need some sort of syncing, that's just it. I don't think we need Firefox's masterful syncing at first, just a little bit. When I used Firefox on PC and Android, I had a wonderful time in regards to syncing, at least when Firefox didn't crash that it.

    What I'm after, specifically (and please, forum members, if you have solved any of these in different ways, let me know, I would really appreciate it):

    • Syncing open tabs between Android smartphones/tablets and Vivaldi (most importantly).
      I'm tired of sharing a link to some app that syncs with my PC, go to my PC, find that specific software and click on the link -- it's too many steps. I would imagine an Android browser with an extension would be the best option for this, but again, everyone wants different browsers and have different devices. Vivaldi for Android needed? Hopefully.

    • Syncing bookmarks/history* between Android smartphones/tablets and Vivaldi without a third party app/extension (but if we need one in the meantime, which one is the best)? Bookmarks are important, although, you could say history is a part of the open tabs question, so I don't know.

    If we get a Vivaldi browser for our Android smartphones/tablets, these things are important too

    • Syncing extensions/Vivaldi settings/notes/passwords
      Although I'd imagine most of us are already running KeePass or LastPass, especially since step stopped being greedy, so passwords would be low-priority)

    As a side note. If you are an iOS or Windows phone user, I'm sorry I'm leaving you out, but I think you know why. Everything about your OS is far more complicated and far less customizable and probably a bigger hassle to work with I'm not saying we shouldn't do it, but let's start with the easiest one. Maybe I'm wrong, it could be Windows too.

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    @Werkaster Sync has been under development since before day one. It is in the internal testing stage now.

    There will be sync before there is a mobile browser.

    The first mobile Vivaldi browser will be android.

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  • @Ayespy Great news, and exactly what I thought in other words. How do you yourself manage some of these issues today, with open tabs and such? Sharing/syncing links, bookmarks? If you have the time to answer, I would be really interested. If not, keep up the good work with the best browser in the world.

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    @Werkaster I use XMarks to sync bookmarks. I don't sync other things. I personally have in the past found synced tabs to be an annoyance, not a feature. Others will differ with me.


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