Lost Speed Dial Folders on Profile Reset

  • When I last reset my profile Vivaldi lost all the Speed Dial folders I had set-up. The folders still existed - no longer designated as SD folders - but were no longer showing on the start page. Since the folders were nested at varying levels in the bookmark manager it was difficult to remember all I had set as SD folders. Is there a way to ensure SD folders are not lose when resetting a profile?

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    Hmmm, I don't get it... 🤔 How do you "reset" your profile and why?

  • @pafflick Sorry, now I'm confused. 😕 If I use the words 'refresh' or 'clean' the profile does the question make sense? Why? Because If people have issues with Vivaldi they are often urged to 'refresh' (reset) their profile to see if that cures what might be ailing it. When I did that some time back, all my Speed Dial folders were no longer marked as Speed Dial and didn't show up on the Speed Dial page.

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    @pafflick: He probably does it the "regular" way. But since Speed Dial assigmnents are a preferences setting, not a bookmark setting, and as preferences are (intentionally) lost in a reset, then afterward, you have to re-pick your Speed Dial folders.

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    @g_bartsch Your initial post made it sound to me like it's something that you do periodically - thus the question. I haven't ever had to reset my profile, but I was moving my profiles between various Vivaldi installations before and it always worked perfectly. I guess the reason for this is that you didn't move some important configuration files back (as @Ayespy mentioned above).

  • @pafflick and @Ayespy Thanks. It makes sense. The reason I did the refresh was trifling and didn't solve the problem. But I had some time on my hands and wanted to try. The little spinning image when reloading a Speed Dial image had stopped spinning. Refreshing the profile didn't make it spin. Now many snapshots later it spins. I believe it was the last one that fixed it.

  • @pafflick Yes, I only moved the bare minimum files to minimize re-corruption. Which in this case didn't exist.


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