hello, goodby

  • just to say goodby...
    your keyboard shortcut just sucks enough to tell me to leave the board
    i was happy of this try to emulate O12.17
    but keyboards shortcuts ARE NOT toys
    the last elimination of ALTGR let me see that many other keys was no available and that there no good option to replace it

    the keyboard shortcuts was seeming to be just a toy for you, manifestly it's just really not something you're using daily...

    or all key should be available (ctrl and arrows and % and shit+padnumber and others)


    hope V2.0 may have replace the actual keyboard function for something less "i've got something to sell to you" but without the basic function...(or only those i like)

    no copy function ctrl+c is just for assholes as ctrl+v who don't that ctrl+w and ctrl+< are just beautifull to use...

    no MORE

  • It's goodbyE, don't slam the door.

  • Could you pick the toys up and put them back in the playpen please.
    Those of us who look a little deeper find so much to value & enjoy.

  • Moderator

    Let us beam him to our playground 🎈 😇
    …… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzshhhhwww zing [hear it]
    Transfer to playgorund completed

  • Moderator

    Ooops. I have made a beam mistake. Gone…
    Dr. Mc Coy would say this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH7KYmGnj40


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