Address bar issues

  • Hello,
    thanks for doing and excellent job with this browser.
    I have two issues, first is that I wanted to set my local html file as a "New Tab" page, I found such option, it worked well, but sadly every time I'll open a new tab address bar is not focues, I have to manually click it by mouse.

    I told myself "okay, I'll start using the hotkey" as it is possible in Chrome Browser (CTRL + I or F6), but I cannot set such option in here.

    Can you please fix both issues in the closest update as possible?\

    Thanks, and keep up doing the good work 🙂

  • Moderator

    @Otoja You can focus the address field with a shortcut. The Keyboard Cheat Sheet (Ctrl F1) will tell you which shortcuts are assigned. You can assign your own. The defaults are F8 and Ctrl L.

    0_1495282895953_Focus Address.png

  • Thank you, I don't know how I could miss that field, because I promess, I was looking in here.

    Still the automatic focus is an issue, hence I don't think that topic was moved to the right place, it should rather be thrown to the bugs.

  • Moderator

    @Otoja The thread is in the right place as this issue affects Vivaldi on all platforms.

    Submit a Bug Report if you think it should behave differently. I am not convinced it is a bug since where you want focus to be depends on how your new tab page is designed.

    I use the Speed Dial, but I do use a local home page, which is just a series of drop lists with favourite web sites. Focus is on the first drop list. I don't want it to focus the URL. I can type a URL in the F2 dialogue if I want to open a new tab at a given URL.


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