Vivaldi takes too long to open

  • Others browsers open instantantly, but just Vivaldi takes 5 sec. or more to open

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    On what hardware?

    Do you have a lot of extensions, a lot of tabs, a huge or corrupted history file? A huge or corrupted Top sites file? A ton of notes?

    On this rig, browser cold starts take 1 second for chrome, 2 seconds for Opera, 3 seconds for firefox, and 4 seconds for Vivaldi.

    For all of the above, subsequent starts take between 1 and 2 seconds. Opera 12 takes 9 seconds cold, and 3 seconds each subsequent start. Under no circumstances does Vivaldi take more than 5 seconds here. It WILL always take at least a little longer to open than other browsers probably, because to do so, it has to start an additional layer (the UI layer) which it has to build like a web page. But it is that layer precisely which makes Vivaldi so configurable and so fast to develop.

  • Corrupted? I have just one extension (FBDown), two favorites websites, and none note
    About the hardware is i5 6600k, 8gb ram running windows 10 ltsb x64.
    And I've indicated Vivaldi to an friend mine, and he said that takes too long to open too.

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    Yes, it may takes 3-5 sec. But my Chrome 59 is the same start-up-time.

    Can you please check if your Download panel has entries? Please purge the already ended downloads.
    And may be disabling Autoupdate check in Vivaldi Settings will speedup.

    //EDOIT: Oh i see it is with Intel HD GPU? Bad graphics driver implementation may cause the problem.
    What says 1rst section of the URL vivaldi://gpu? Something red?

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    @hassanrworld Oh, so many jokes. 🤣 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    Where is your bugreport for developers to check? Give me the VB-number.

  • @hassanrworld Wanna bet that they eventually will ? It's a brand new browser developed by 30 people, even less so are on the coding part. These things take time and all other browser's have had years to develop and iron out such issues. Do you think Firefox or Chrome started in a second when they were first out ? They didn't 🙂

  • @Deranox It does (occasionally) take longer to open, but when it is, it is often considerably faster than most, more fun than most, and every time leaves Firefox & Edge especially way way behind

  • @Gwen-Dragon Yes, for a while I don't have an graphic card but... my friend (which as I said before, had this same "problem") have an rx 480 nitro+

  • @Gwen-Dragon no, it's green
    Graphics Feature Status
    Canvas: Hardware accelerated
    Flash: Hardware accelerated
    Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated
    Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Hardware accelerated
    Compositing: Hardware accelerated
    Multiple Raster Threads: Enabled
    Native GpuMemoryBuffers: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled (yellow)
    Rasterization: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled (yellow)
    Video Decode: Hardware accelerated
    Video Encode: Hardware accelerated
    VPx Video Decode: Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable (yellow)
    WebGL: Hardware accelerated
    WebGL2: Hardware accelerated

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    I get a first startup of my internal 1.10 Vivaldi about 5 sec, not so fast.
    The next starts after this Vivaldi takes 3–3.5 sec.
    Perhaps some antivirus like Kaspersky or Defender is slowing down a fstart.

    I agree that slow opening about 2 secs more than other browsers is too much.
    There is a need to enforce the speed of Vivaldi. May be 1 second less can be done, but i am not a React developer.
    So we need to hear what a member from @Vivaldi-Team would say about the slowness of startup.

  • @hassanrworld This forum is purposed to bugs and problems report, and newer users probably will complain about this problem too

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    @Chriexpe I have a NVidia Geforece GT 710 and it take about 3–5 sec to start with some extensions and 10 open tabs.

  • @Gwen-Dragon VB-number? Where do I get this?

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    May be the creation of UI takes time with some GPUs.

    For a test only i try to deativate hardware acceleration at vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardw
    and Vivaldi opens after 5–6 sec 😞
    Using hardware accel make startup faster.

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    @Chriexpe said in Vivaldi takes too long to open:

    VB-number? Where do I get this?

    If you report a bug, you get back a mail showing taht bug with VB-XXXXXX is reported by you.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I was trying to find these settings! Vivaldi should have an link at the settings that redirect to Chorme's settings

  • @Gwen-Dragon well, nothing changed.... still 8 sec to open (I've reestarted my computer for this)

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    @Chriexpe How long does it take with only one tab and no extensions?

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    @Chriexpe Internal special settings can be found by experienced users if they ask or searchengineer for similar on Chrome.
    But visible links for these internal settings can be more problematical for normal users if they do not know what they do and break teh browser's config.
    Perhaps that's why Vivaldi devs did not add such link.

  • @andyraisbeck Firefox and Edge in terms of speed ? Impossible. I'm currently using FF and it's the fastest browser for everything I've seen at least for me. Edge is fast and only that. Functionality is non existent there.


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