extensions: browser_action popup script executes twice every time

  • Hey there,

    i was wondering why my extensions get so much errors and i realized, every script in popup.html (default popup) gets executed twice. The popup.html is defined in manifest.json as this:
    "browser_action": {
    "default_popup": "popup.html"

    It comes up when the icon of the extension is clicked.
    There is nothing more than a console.log("test"); in my script, there are no other scripts. I checked other "official" extensions, same behaviour.

    Sometimes it is only one time, but most of the time i get the "test"-line twice or the test-line AND this error
    [5169:5169:0519/123602.954167:INFO:CONSOLE(245)] "<webview>: The load has aborted with error -3: ERR_ABORTED.", source: extensions::webViewEvents (245)

    chrome/chromium does it only once, as expected.

    Can somebody reproduce it?
    I tried it with stable and snapshot branch on arch linux.

  • @le_mon Strange, can't replicate that on Win, neither with stable nor with snapshot.

  • @QuHno
    That's why this topic is in "Linux" 😉

  • @le_mon Cross checks on other systems never hurt because much of the code base - especially with extensions - might be shared between the operating systems.

    Back to topic and adding another data point: I couldn't reproduce it with siduction yet.


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