Secure Site Connect Issue

  • The problem does not only occur when using Vivaldi in Private Windows mode. I keep getting this error: Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

    Once this happens, it doesn't matter what site it I try and go to, Netflix, DirectTV,, HGTV, my email, my homepage, anything..I still get the error. I even get a msg telling me I have "No Internet Connection" even when I have one. It will not go away if I shutdown the browser, or even uninstall and reinstall it. It eventually clears up and I can surf again, but if I go back to the web site the problem occurred on, the same cycle starts up again. It happens on ads within websites, anything that displays video. The occurrence of this has increased in frequency after 1.8x version. 0_1495171876141_vivaldi-error-bug.jpg (I doubt that image loaded). I get that little ugly red symbol that occurs when Vivaldi pages don't load .

  • hello gbt20317
    That is tony. oh my, you called tony ugly and problem.
    I am undecided preference between the ads or the Could not connect message. i like the ads to be in a language i do not understand.
    did you wish to see the ads? not wanting to minimise your invasion does it reduce the browser speed or enjoyment of page content?

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    @gbt20317 Please tell us about:

    • Vivaldi version
    • Windows version
    • Vivaldi extensions
    • security tools on Windows
    • used proxy
    • Windows up-to-date
    • used router/WLAN
    • used DNS settings

    Perhaps the certificate store of Vivaldi is not valid.
    Please update Vivaldi internal components:

    • Open vivaldi://components
    • Hit on all buttons Check for Update

  • @i_ri Ha-Ha! So it's name is Tony, ha-ha! My apologies. Ofcourse most of the ads I don't care about, but this problem is popping up on ads as well as websites like youtube and others that I should have no problems linking to. It's possible it's not all a Vivaldi issue. I do try to insure my PC is updated with latest OS updates and video drivers, etc. Sometimes this things can create issues as well.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Secure Site Connect Issue:

    Vivaldi version - 1.10.845.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Windows version - v.10 x64
    Vivaldi extensions - none added
    security tools on Windows - Emsisoft Internet Security
    used proxy - no proxy used
    Windows up-to-date - yes
    used router/WLAN - router is TRENDnet VDSL2/ADSL2+ with Centurylink as the ISP.
    used DNS settings - I use a utility called OpenDNS and it's DNS Server assignments are,
    Also I did what you suggested concerning Vivaldi Components, I clicked the update button and every one of them showed status "Not Updated". But there's nothing on that page to initiate updating anything.

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    @gbt20317 said in Secure Site Connect Issue:

    Emsisoft Internet Security

    If Emsisoft (i do not know the programs feature) scans SSL connections, that may cause the problem.

    Lt's check the certificate:

    • With Vivaldi go to
    • Hit F12
    • Select tab Security
    • Hit button View Certificate
    • Windows certificate window opens

    Now what is shown for certificate in tab Details (sorry i cant remember the term of english Windows UI )

    • for Serial number?
      I have ‎22 43 16 9f 81 f5 20 a8
    • and for Fingerprint
      I have ‎dc 5a 74 a6 05 1c cb 4f e8 c0 a8 d8 b7 3d f9 66 08 75 3d 2b

  • @Gwen-Dragon I have what u have in certificate details.
    I decided to try uninstalling Vivaldi (my current version noted earlier) and reinstall it with the oldest stable version I still had saved, ver. 1.8.770.50 (Stable channel) (64-bit). Guess what, the issue went away. I can't say 100% because I'm pretty sure the issue started occuring more frequently when I installed some revision of 1.8x. But testing on sites I know v.1.9x and 1.10x would not far they are loading again. I also (prior to doing that), disabled all my Anitvirus and tested it (with the current Vivaldi version) and it still gave me the same error condition. I want to use the newer version because it does have features I like, but I can't surf with it installed!!!

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    @gbt20317 I am sorry, i cant reproduce your problem on Windows 10 x64 with 1.10.845.3 (64-bit).

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    Please try to reset your Vivaldi browser profile as described at

  • @Gwen-Dragon I've done the Reset process you suggested. This does appear to have improved this issues occurrence for most of the sites I was getting the error on. I didn't mention but the problem was occurring on my desktop and Laptop computer. Both now show improvement. Thank you for helping me on this problem. I have no idea why forum responses keep generating duplicate entries.

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    @gbt20317 Nice to hear the cleaning of browser profile worked.

    I cant see, that the forum does generate two posts. Please catch with Vivaldi selected screenshot feature such page and upload the image with the cloud button here.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I don't see the duplicates anymore either, maybe it was just me. Thanks again for the help.

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    Bug VB-28696 is closed as it can not be reproduced by internal testers.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Eventho you've closed this, it's still happening. Started re-occurring tonight. So the fact you can't reproduce it, won't help me. I've been using Vivalvi since it was 1st introduced. I loved the browser and the time and effort that was going into making a quality product that was truly useful with a team of people who were responsive to users. You have helped and I am grateful. But if this issue isn't going to be examined further, I'm either stuck at v.8 Stable or going back to MS Edge, neither is my preference, so yeah, I'm not happy. And it's fortunate that I keep a version stored or otherwise I wouldn't be able to use this browser anymore and be satisfied.
    0_1495684590564_Connection Not Private.png

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    @gbt20317: The fact that it cannot be reproduced is indicative of it being something with your profile or your setup, not the code of the browser itself.

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    Perhaps Emsisoft Internet Security produces problems with SSL connections.
    Please exclude the monitoring/scan/filtering of SSL connections.

    Which Windows version do you have? Start winver.exe to see the version.
    Is it up-to-date?

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