Vivaldi is acting weird on Twitter

  • Hello everyone,

    Vivaldi is acting strange on Twitter. When I'm logged in and try to post a Tweet and start writing, everything is normal at the beginning. But once I add the @ symbol or the hashtag symbol, I am not able to write on because the cursor jumps right to the beginning of the @ or the # after every letter I write.

    So when I try to write:

    Hello Vivaldi, this is a #browsertest.

    I end with:

    Hello Vivaldi, this is a #tsetresworb.

    As you see, it's like writing backwards.

    And when I try to delete the text with the @ sign or the hashtag with the backspace key the cursor is jumping right infront of the @ or # and, when pressed again, to the beginning of the input field of twitter.

    This is very, very annoying.

    Anyone else?


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