Chrome Vulnerability

  • Is this anything to be concerned about it discusses a SMB vulnerability similar to the Wannacry ramsonware?

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    The problem is described im ore technical detail at

  • Thanks for responding with the article, I use Vivaldi under Windows and Linux so I just wanted to make it clear that this was not meant as an attack on the browser and your response did come across that way, under recommendations it recommends the following,

    "In order to disable automatic downloads in Google Chrome, the following changes should be made: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Check the Ask where to save each file before downloading option."

    I have "Always Save Files to Default Download Location" unchecked is that the correct response to the recommendation or is there another step.


  • hello loudermp
    is it possible in a download manager would not the retained saved last location or configured-to-fail-download return small step to folder path? [the path reported as limited to Downloads folder] retry?

    seems like always; flexibility using download location, especially portable media, had us not setting a default for decades now. didn't know we were different.

    (( adding of humor; Eu faço piada; having always created the downloading folder saved us therefore. and ironic that also using the windows one named Public Downloads also saved us. that is funny. ))


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