Close the bookmark panel when you click on a bookmark

  • When you choose to open an bookmark from the bookmark panel, the panel stay open after you are selecting the bookmark you want.

    It was an idea to let this panel auto close after the click on a bookmark.

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    @Lesgalapagos: This is the behavior of the Bookmarks Bar (and will doubtless be the behavior of a Bookmarks drop-down button) but is unlikely to ever be the behavior of the Bookmarks Panel, as that is an editing platform and not intended to be routine primary bookmark access.

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    There is already a request for a bookmarks menu, which would work like this without opening the panel.

    @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Bookmark Menu

    I agree with Ayespy: the panel is for managing bookmarks, rather than navigating to them, although it can obviously do that too. Although you're welcome to add it as a feature request I don't think it would be likely to be implemented.

  • Why not? One could argue a bookmarks menu is redundant, since we can already access them through the panel, and editing is really comfortable on the bookmarks page. If the argument is we need the option for people who want a menu, then the same logic can be applied to the closing of the panel. Not that I think either is any useful, but you can't argue for one and talk down the other.

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    @luetage - It's a matter of user desire and user options. Since day 1, we have had multiple requests for a drop-down bookmarks menu button. It's pretty certain such will eventually be available. The people who want it seem to want to not see bookmarks at all unless they select the button, want the drop-down to cover the screen, not occupy space, and want the drop-down to vanish if a bookmark is selected. OK. A panel will never have all of those qualities.

    At the same time, many users want to have a persistent interface where they can interact with and edit bookmarks while the rest of their page remains visible. They don't want the page covered at all by the bookmark UI, leaving 100% of the page (even if squeezed) visible.

    This means both the panel functionality and the drop-down menu functionality are desired.

    It's not a case of arguing for one and talking down the other.


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