When can we expect 1.10 ?

  • Also what are the currently planned features that will ship with it for sure ?

    I'm hoping that opening the browser will be faster as it's currently the slowest after Internet Explorer and that is saying something. I see that tab closing/opening has been worked upon and it's much smoother than it was before in the snapshot.

  • Vivaldi Team

    performance is constantly being worked on, side by side with features and bugfixing 🙂 We do have features we are hoping to add, but as it is with development, bugs can occur, and then their release will be postponed, so nothing for sure. The snapshots are a good indication for 1.10 features, altho the features can still be pulled if regressions are found. Are there any specific performance issues you have an issue with compared to other browsers?

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    @Deranox Features are never announced in advance - but if you would like to know what has been introduced to the 1.10 snapshot stream already, you can either read the blog or go there and download a recent snapshot and play around with it. On the whole, Vivaldi introduces a new stable version roughly once every six weeks. NO features are ever added at the last minute. They are tried out in snapshots first. 1.9 Stable was introduced on 27 April so that means, if no really important showstoppers appear, then 1.10 stable should be released sometime near the middle of June - say June 10-15 at a guess.

    There are never any "for sure" features that are guaranteed to be released with a given version - but if you do not see a feature in the snapshot stream within the last couple of weeks before release, then it's unlikely to appear in the final Stable version.

    Debugging and work on efficiency is pursued on a daily basis.

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    @Deranox The most recent 1.10 Snapshot changelog read like this:

    [New] Add image toggling to the View menu and create shortcut for it (VB-10872)
    [Regression][Address field] Wrong caret position in address selection (VB-28361)
    [Address Bar] URL open modifiers not working in typed history (VB-28300)
    [Address Bar] URL open modifiers not working in search field typed history (VB-28432)
    [Bookmarks] Wrong selection when removing bookmark (VB-28222)
    [Developer Tools] Crash when using Ctrl+Shift+I twice to open and close devtools (VB-28230)
    [Developer Tools] Inspect Extension does not work (VB-28464)
    [Developer Tools] Processes continue running in background after closing window (VB-27970)
    [Developer Tools] Unable to get multiple floating dev tools instances (VB-28187)
    [Downloads] Added items are not always visible in the list (VB-28419)
    [Spatial Navigation] Spatial navigation doesn’t work in web panels (VB-28237)
    [Speed Dial] Prevent secondary buttons to reorder speed dial (VB-28382)
    [Speed Dial] Remove column limit (VB-14689)
    [Tab bar] Increase minimal vertical tabs width in overflow (VB-24907)
    [Tab bar] Minimized tab close button alignment fix (VB-26850)
    Closing Vivaldi with an active download leaves ghosts (VB-25418)
    Changes to Settings view (VB-13218)
    Focus not on page when restoring tabs from session (VB-28191)
    Popups fixes (VB-27583)
    Search history cannot be displayed after visiting settings (VB-28319)
    Updated Chromium to 58.0.3029.114

  • @Aronand I personally haven't had any issues, albeit I've used Vivaldi very little, but still.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @Deranox Alright 🙂

  • @Aronand I gotta ask though, is hastening the opening of the browser being worked upon ? It's REALLY bothersome for me. Grant me this one answer ❤

  • @Deranox said in When can we expect 1.10 ?:

    @Aronand I gotta ask though, is hastening the opening of the browser being worked upon ? It's REALLY bothersome for me. Grant me this one answer ❤

    I do not have that problem! In fact I've never had this problem with Vivaldi! Starts very fast! I have 13 extensions added and it does not interfere with anything!
    Starts at the same time in Chrome (which is very fast) and faster than Firefox.

  • @JuniorSilva30 Well it seems Firefox loves me. It's great for me, as is Chrome, but seeing as FF will be totally changed in 57 and I don't know if I'll like it then, I'm trying to adapt to Vivaldi so the transition will be less painful. xD

  • My experience: cold start 6/8 secs, warm 1/2secs.

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    I thought, “Maybe people use a lot more tabs than I do,” so I opened 46 tabs, then tried restarting Vivaldi from the last session. It still takes less than 5 seconds. What do people call slow? I would call 30 seconds or a minute a bit slow to start with 50 tabs, but 5 seconds seems really fast to me. Since I usually have fewer than 5 tabs open, it takes only a few seconds.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.10.845.3 32-bit

  • @jogicam What's a cold start and a warm start ?

  • @Pesala 5 seconds to open a browser IS slow if nothing else is running.

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    @Deranox A cold start of a program means the first time you run it after booting up your PC.

    A warm start is when you restart it later. Usually, a lot of the code will still be in RAM so it starts much faster.


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