In reading mode part of the writing is cutted-off

  • Hi, not sure if it's a bug. Right now i switch to reading mode on a blog that I daily watch, and I notice that the the previous 5 posts was cutted-off from text, starting from the 6th post (around at the half-page). I try another blog with the same domain and it's works fine.
    0_1495074163840_Vivaldi Forum - Reading mode (cut-off bug).png

    Now, if I turn the reading mode, i got this (look at the first words...)
    0_1495076681000_Vivaldi Forum - Reading mode (cut-off bug) (2).png

    That words are related to the 6th post that i mention before
    0_1495075149735_Vivaldi Forum - Reading mode (cut-off bug) (3).png

    Vivaldi and pc is update. My addons are: Auto refresh page, HTTPS Everywhere, Imagus, IP Domain Flag, iZoom, Link Grabber, ProxFlow, Simple Speed Dial, Tab Cookies, Tampermonkey, uBlock Origin, Video Downloader GetThemAll, Viewhance, WOT.
    Opening the post, with his full address it works fine
    0_1495077266992_Vivaldi Forum - Reading mode (cut-off bug) (4).png

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  • @Pesala thanks for reply. I try few sites before post and they works fine. Also another blog hosted on blogspot(dot)it with many articles grouped on the home page and it was ok. I mean, even without opening a specific post, I was able to read all the words, except the usual side-column with info, friend sites etc. But in this case I think it is wanted.
    I try now this blog and got the same problem. Also in this case, the reading mode start to render the page after the middle part. Hope can help 😃

  • Hey folks! I come back again here because I notice another issue almost releated to the previous one, mentionated in this thread.
    I try to explain. Usually the Reader View works fine so far but, I notice that in blogs under domains (and i guess, comments are cutted off, so the page scrolling ends at the the end of the post/article.
    Here's 2 examples:

    Also i saw that, when only a few words are found, the Reader View is disabled by default, and I wondering why?

  • Guys I come back on this post because I saw something dat i hope can help. As you can see in the video below, when I switch from reading-mode to normal, in this case, the only difference it's about the info-favicon of the addrees bar, swapping from not secure in normal layout, to default-info in reading-mode.


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