Emtpying trashcan by accident

  • When opening the tab trashcan, the menu is always in the position so that the item for removing all tabs from the trashcan is directly under the mouse pointer. It already happend to me a couple of times, that I accidentally cleared out the trashcan when actually wanting to reopen one of the tabs.

    It would be great if that could be somehow avoided. One possibility could be to let the trashcan menu open at a higher position, so that the clearout item is not direcly hovered.

    Edit: Only applies to vertical tabs.

  • Moderator

    @Forecast Why are you using the right-click menu if you want to drag something out the trash? This option is not on the right-click menu. Use the Arrow icon to open the trash (LMB), then drag the deleted items out.


  • @Pesala I think he was probably referring to the trash icon in the tab bar representing discarded tabs. If the tab bar is placed on any side but the top of the window, the menu that appears when you click on it is positioned in such a way that "Clear All" is directly under the mouse cursor. If the user happens to accidentally double click on the trash icon, suddenly his list is empty.


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