Rocker gestures dont work in start page

  • Sorry for my English.
    If i create new folder on start page (express panel) and go into it, i cant use any of 2 rocker gestures to navigate forward or backward in my start page folders. It doesnt work. In opera 12 express panel it worked well. I mean navigation with rocker gesture in express panel folders. Now im using Vivaldi browser and it has only one disadvantage - rocker gestures dont work on start page.
    Please, fix this for me and the same people as me...!

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    @mzfkr47 This is already in the Feature Requests thread where you can upvote it.

    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Ability to use the "back button" on vivaldi://startpage (after entering a folder).*

    We should be able to quickly move between folders on our Speed Dial pages. Currently the only way to go to the previous folder (after entering one), is to click on a tiny button placed above the Speed Dial items. It's inconvenient.

    * By the "back button" I mean the following:

    • Go to previous page button [<] on the navigation panel;
    • Keyboard shortcuts ([← Backspace], [CTRL] + [←] or custom ones);
    • The built-in "Back" button that some mouses have;
    • Mouse gesture "History back";
    • Rocker gestures.


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