Kind of surprised the state this is in for being version 9

  • Coming at this from someone using this with side tabs, which this is seemingly the only browser that natively supports it now. Chrome's version is embarrassing, Firefox has some decent addons. Opera's seems to have disappeared.

    • This version of Vivaldi seems to cause the desktop icons to refresh every 30 seconds or so. Like...why? (Win10)
    • Fullscreen video playback will occasionally freeze, with audio continuing. Switching to the 64bit version of Vivaldi seems to have corrected this.
    • Tab cycling is... often confusing.
    • Tab stacking usability is bad, no other way to say this (maybe better with top tabs?)
      • The usability of tab stacks doesn't seem to have been thought through
      • Is there a way to navigate by keyboard through tabs in a stack?
      • Is having an even tinier 5px tab on a tab you can click on useful? Yes, I understand this is what the previews are for
      • Trying to stack tabs by dragging with side tabs is an exercise in frustration
      • Graphical glitches when manipulating tabs (really!?) Depending on spacing settings, preview settings, and tab stacks, this can cause graphical and spacing errors on the existing tabs. Specific example, if you have a mix of tab stacks and normal tabs, closing a tab will cause the entire list to compress (I assume overcompensating for the extra stack padding) and will correct after the user mouseouts of the sidebar.

    • Show tab thumbnails apparently does nothing other than jack up the tab spacing erratically when you have an almost full sidebar of tabs.

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    @joshux Not yet version 2. Raising the decimal of the version number in response to having to intake new Chromium versions every six weeks is not the same as a new whole-number version of Vivaldi. Vivaldi is built by a very small team, funded out of one guy's pocket. For this reason, whole number versions will come at a slower pace than those browsers who have two or three hundred developers. There are literally thousands of reported bugs, and fewer than ten people to fix them - at the same time as the rest of the team is tasked with moving the browser toward a mature version in keeping with the founder's and the users' vision.

  • I agree regarding tab stacking and cycling. Some times it jumps all over the place because it cycles through what the browser thinks is "relevant". There should be an option to always cycle linearly.

  • @Ayespy Ah that makes sense, I didn't know that. Is it still considered alpha since features are still being added, despite being beyond v1+? I really want Vivaldi to succeed, otherwise I wouldn't call attention to these issues.

  • @joshux said in Kind of surprised the state this is in for being version 9:

    @Ayespy Is it still considered alpha since features are still being added, despite being beyond v1+?

    No, building Vivaldi is a gradual thing, it is never really "done" or "ready" with all the features finished. They will be added as the browser evolves, and as they become mature from the developer's hands.

  • @joshux said in Kind of surprised the state this is in for being version 9:

    ... Is it still considered alpha since features are still being added, despite being beyond v1+?

    'Versioning' has for years been a potentially confusing, controversial, and inconsistent thing for all kinds of software... as are the descriptive terms: alpha, beta, final, experimental, developmental, stable, and so on. The gap between what a software maker intends a version number assignment to mean and what a user interprets it to mean can vary widely - particularly when comparing one software maker's product versioning to another maker's offerings.

    Vivaldi has chosen to supply two kinds of browsers to users at any point in time: a Snapshot version and a Stable version. Development progresses in a somewhat linear fashion as features are added and bugs (old and new) are stamped out in-house. At some point, a Snapshot version of the in-house versions is released for users to test; such a version is often considered to be less stable because of adding more experimental new features, though in some cases such a version may actually be more stable because of freshly-incorporated fixes to old bugs. Once the Snapshot version matures sufficiently (or because a new underlying chromium engine gets released by the chromium devs and needs to be incorporated into Vivaldi), the Snapshot version undergoes some quick refinement-version releases focused on debugs, and then gets recompiled and released as the newest Stable version. Then the entire cycle is repeated, ad infinitum.

    If you want the most generally stable version, opt for the Stable channel. It will likely be the most bug-free and feature-stable version... at least, until the Snapshot channel's versions accumulate enough multiple additional bug-fixes and begin maturing to approach the point of promotion to the next Stable channel. If you want to live on the so-called 'bleeding edge', you can use the latest Snapshot version which will be the first public release that fixes particular bugs and adds new features (with all that entails, good and not-so-good).

    If you're like me, you'll use releases in both channels to obtain the best of both worlds: my casual browsing is done using a stand-alone-installed Snapshot version, and my serious browsing is done using a fully-installed Stable version. The only drawback at present with that approach is keeping the two browsers manually synchronized with regard to changes in bookmarks, notes, etc.

  • @kikendo said in Kind of surprised the state this is in for being version 9:

    There should be an option to always cycle linearly.

    There is, it's the "Active in Recently Used Order" option in Close Tab Activation under Tabs in the settings.

    But this is actually a bug. I've even filed a bug report where I had the same thing, where I'd cycle through tabs left and right, and it'll randomly jump to a tab a tab stack far away from where my position was on the tab bar.


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