How Can We Tell Which Posts are New?

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    How is everyone else following new posts? I'm having trouble determining new ones.

    For example, "Vivaldi for Windows" may say, "4 new". Is that topics or posts? When I enter the sub-forum how can I tell which are new topics? Or which topics have new posts in them? Many other forums have a way to show when all the threads in a topic have been read and new ones have yet to be read. This forum seems not to.

    Also, is there a way to get each post as it comes into the forum? I'm trying to use RSS but it doesn't seem to feed me each post made to this forum.

    I want to keep up on all that's being discussed.

    From the "recent posts" link, topics and comments are arranged in date order, most recent topmost in topics, and most recent bottom-most as to comments.

    Depending on which menu you see, either click or hover "forum" and then select "recent posts," and when you do, if you are logged in, the topics most recently posted to will be at the top, a tiny parenthetic comment will be seen at the end of it with how many comments were added SINCE YOU LAST VISITED that topic, and if you click on the parentheses, it will take you to the oldest comment that was made after your last visit. At the far right, in the topics listing, will be noted the username of the most recent commenter.

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