Vivaldi window not appearing

  • Using a Dell 9550 laptop running W10 Pro (up to date), the Vivaldi window almost always fails to appear after clicking on its icon. This has happened over a few releases of the product.

    There was a time when the window did appear first time, but that lasted only about three occasions.

    Current situation is the Window appears on the sixth time of clocking on the Vivaldi icon!

    When the window doesn't appear, hovering on the Vivaldi icon on the task bar show the miniature window, but selecting it doesn't bring the main window into view.

    I have tried different versions of video drivers, reinstalling Vivaldi etc, all to no avail.

    This is the only application that exhibits this behaviour.


  • @racingtortoiise
    This is a known bug that happens every now and then.
    The window is there but is opening outside your monitor (sometimes caused by a projector or beamer or second monitor that isn't activated while you start vivaldi)

    The common workaround is the following:

    1.) Activate the vivaldi window (by Alt +Tab or by clicking the miniatur window)
    2.) Press Windowskey + Down Arrow to minimise the window
    3.) Press Windowskey +Up Arrow to maximise the window again (which should happen on the visible area of your monitor)

    In 90% this just has to be done once and won't happen any time soon again.

    Hope this helps

  • @zaibon Thanks - I'll try it. Explanation sounds logical!

  • I ran into this problem today after updating to the latest version. The WindowsKey + ArrowKeys trick did not fix it for me, but I saw that someone else fixed it by clearing their user profile (see this post).

    Not wanting to clear my profile and lose all the data within it, I dug into the files and found that I could edit the default window position and size by editing the vivaldi_window_1 properties in the Preferences file in the C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default directory.

    Specifically, changing the values for x and y to 0 (they were -1352 and 127, respectively) got it to default to the top left corner of my primary (left-most) monitor and changing the h and w values changed the height and width, respectively.

  • @BLTCollector
    Good to know that this can be achieved even without pointing in the dark and weird windows-magic. thumbs up

    But regarding the loss of all your data via a refresh this is not completely true. Best way is to just rename your "Default" folder so vivaldi will generate a new one on the next start. When this fixes stuff for you - you can start copy back data from your "old Default" folder until it breaks again - so you can circle the culprit and delete it. So besides the malicious part you don't loose a lot of data.
    But yes - this might be a bit time consuming.
    EDIT: A very good instruction you can find here


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