Status bar off screen in full-screen mode

  • Hi,

    After one of the very recent snapshot updates, the Status Bar is off screen in the full-screen mode. I tried to toggle the status bar by "View" > "Status Bar", but when the Status Bar is disabled, the webpage is extended downward and its bottom part goes off screen, too. When the Status Bar is enabled, at least the entirety of the webpage is displayed, although the Status Bar is still off screen.

    I wonder whether I did something wrong.

  • Do you have any custom modifications? Because I can't recreate this on latest snapshot, the status bar stays visible when I toggle it in fullscreen, so does the rest of the window when it is disabled.
    osx version 10.11.6.

  • Thank you for your response! Vivaldi doesn't reproduce the problem now. I'll report back if it happens again.

    Vivaldi or not, I've never seen such a behavior (full-screen app. extending off screen) before. I'll check if it's a Mac problem reported somewhere on the net.

    @luetage said in Status bar off screen in full-screen mode:

    Do you have any custom modifications?

    At least I don't have any extensions installed. I only have mild customizations, all within Vivaldi's Preferences, like color changes for one of the standard themes, left (vertical) tab bar, and so on. Oh, and I'm using a non-default profile directory via --user-data-dir= . . .


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