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  • Below is few suggestions i would like to offer from my experience with myopera 1. I am very upset about demise of my opera. :( .I think over the time myopera has converted into a white elephant. Being ad free, it doesn't have any income(i think). I supports the idea of inserting ad on blog and myopera mail. Myopera mail is one of the few alternative to main stream email service-gmail,outlook after NSA revelations. Even i have used it as my main email-i will not oppose if it runs like fastmail free email service-ad supported. I have no problem if the vivaldi inserts ad into blog(wordpress have it) and email.People who don't like that have adblock to clear. An example to this is duckduckgo- they have option to switch off/on ad. 2. I have experienced too much spam on myopera :sick: .Even i have blocked more than 30-35 accounts/month for spam. Is there any mechanism to prevent this. 3.I have found calender and notes and task very useful :) . I have missed them at myopera and opera is reluctant to introduce calender and note and tasks to opera M2.I doubt whether there will be any further update of opera M2. 4. The account recovery at myopera is bad-you have to create another account.Please avoid that here. 5.I will be very happy if you integrate the calender,note,task to email than profile. I am sorry if it hurts somebody but i feel I have to speak out after what hs happened to my opera and not to mention-OPERA. I am complaining it because i love opera very much. I am using each of its product-be it opera M2,opera12,opera18,opera mini,opera mobile,myopera,myopera mail. But still they have thrown us out.Previously they have 1 year beta testing time, now they hab=ve 40 days.They have promised to release linux version but haven't still done. They have almost destroy good opera mail-which is ead now in my view. They have done all the thing what should be done only by a fool-cut the link with users,doesn't care for them. I dont know what is in their plan now. :angry:.They hav money in their sight now not affection for users who loved it very much once. Thank you :)

  • Hello and welcome! Thanks for writing. I've noted your suggestions for our feature list.

  • thanks.

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