Just Created an account, but email says "invalid license"?

  • Hello, does it take a while for an email to be created or something, I cannot navigate to gopher @ vivaldi . net , I get a strange "product license invalid license" error:

    screenshot failed to upload/show said "insufficient privileges":
    ![0_1494978263732_Screenshot 2017-05-16 18.40.50.png](Uploading 100%)

    so, uploaded screenshot with error to dropbox: dropbox link

    edit: also noticed that just received an email in email box I provided on registration form with the following:


    which looks like something went wrong... anyways, please help!!!

    Ty :)

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    @gopher: There's a bug accessing new email accounts at the moment.

  • @Ayespy , ty for such a quick reply! And sorry to hear about a bug, hope you guys find it. I'll check in a few days. Btw, great job overall on web browser and community! I don't know how I just finding out about this, while digging through "dotfiles" on GitHub out of all things.

  • 7 days past still no joy on that email

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