Welcome back.

  • I registered Opera nearly 17 years ago (v2.12) because it stood out as being smaller, faster and more efficient than any other browser at that time, and it was not much money well spent, but I gradually lost interest as it sank into the pack and evolved into something I didn't need. I'm really pleased to discover that some people think it's worth going back and doing it again from scratch. Welcome back.

  • I started using Opera in 2007; I was actually in Europe at the time, and my computer had broken down, leaving me with an iPod and a flash drive. The flash drive was one of those U3 ones made by SanDisk, which at the time had this application where it would run a pseudo-start menu from its icon in the task bar, and you could install portable versions of apps from it. Opera just happened to be one of their most prominent, popular browsers, so I gave it a shot, and immediately fell in love. It was lightyears ahead of IE, which I had used before that point.

    Fast forward to yesterday, and I couldn't have been more depressed about the state of browsers. Opera was a sad shadow of its former self, having only recently re-implemented the password sync feature that had amazed me eight years ago, most of its features stripped out, and Opera 12, still an amazing and powerful browser, left to rot. I do a search in Google News for Opera to see if anything is going on, and lo and behold, I see an article in The Register about Vivaldi. I do some research, make an installation, and see tab placement as a setting right away. I immediately know: hope is restored!


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