Notifications won't go away

  • I searched for it but could find anyone complaining about it. When i get a notification in Vivaldi it never goes away and stays there indefinitely until i dismiss it or click on it. I would appreciate if there was a timer of some sorts that you could set after how many seconds it should go away.

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    @overflow What sort of notification are you talking about? Download completed notifications disappear quite quickly. They can be disabled in Settings, Downloads too.

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  • the notifications i get from websites. Like youtube/facebook/ect.

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    @overflow They are removed when you visit the relevant page.

    The notifications on this Vivaldi forum change when you open the Unread threads or mark them all as read. Otherwise, they remain unchanged.
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  • @Pesala "They are removed when you visit the relevant page."

    that is my issue when im in the middle of doing something and a comment thread starts raging up the notifications just stack up. I dont know why they dont just disappear like the notification for the completed downloads and such.
    It works properly in chrome .
    e.g. Notification that someone uploaded a Youtube video pops up. Waits for a couple of seconds and then goes away.( you know, like, how it works on phones)

    But in Vivaldi it stays there until i click on it or dismiss it and that stacks up.
    im talking about html5 notifications.


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