poor performance from vivaldi-snapshot 1.9.811.13-1 to 1.10.845.3-1

  • I've found that every vivaldi-snapshot after 1.9.804.3-1 has very poor performance on my 32 bit debian linux system.

    The last few versions I tried, including 1.10.845.3-1, had such poor performance that videos had the voice and image get out of sync, so you could hear the voice a few seconds before the person spoke. Menus, like the bookmarks panel, took up to 10 seconds to open up and it also took many seconds to switch from one tab to another.

    Note that all these performance problems go away as soon as I revert to vivaldi-snapshot 1.9.804.3-1, the last usable version I've seen.
    Also, I tried running vivaldi from a script that sets the NICE to -5, but the problems remain the same and the browser is still not functional.

    The performance problems are both with video replay and with general tab repainting and scrolling; all are resolved by going back to version 1.9.804-1. Some details on system and packages:

    chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 58.0.3029.96-0ubuntu1.1352
    libavcodec-ffmpeg-extra56:i386 7:2.8.5-1+b1
    linux-image-4.7.0-1-686-pae 4.7.6-1
    vivaldi-snapshot 1.9.804.3-1

    Does anyone have ideas on what could be the cause?
    Is there any additional data I should collect to help track this down?

    Here are some bug reports I've filed for this with the vivaldi-team:
    VB-28538, VB-28428, VB-28012, VB-27739

  • @JSJB Adding cross reference to an active post on this forum regarding vivaldi-snapshot performance problems:


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