Can we have the local search box back?

  • Hi,
    I think that the new global search box is unusable, I tipically make different searches in different pages.
    Why one should want to do the same search on multiple pages?
    The most annoying thing is that when you make a new search you loose the previous so you need to make the search again.

  • @mde said in Can we have the local search box back?:

    Why one should want to do the same search on multiple pages?

    I do this very often - I search for something on a searchengine -> I get a ton of results so I open up about 10 to 20 tabs with the most promising results from the searchengine and after that I go tab by tab and search for a couple of buzz words in each tab to see which are really important for my research at work.
    So this function indeed saves me a lot of time.
    But on the other hand there is nothing to argue about more options ^^

  • @zaibon What you're talking about is different. Opening multiple tabs from the results of a search is a separate thing from the search field across all open tabs in the current window being overwritten by each new search.

    Imagine that you search for two topics, Item1 & Item2. You search for Item1 from the search box. Immediately, all open tabs now have Item1 displayed (uselessly) in the search box. The current tab displays the results of the search for Item1 and from those results you select 10 links to open in new tabs; each of these newly spawned tabs also has the search box filled with Item1. Since your search engine is open on the current tab, you decide to go ahead and search for Item2 and open 10 links from these results in new tabs. These new tabs have Item1 displayed in the search box as well because the search was performed from the web page. I don't see how this is helpful.

    Additionally, say you're working on multiple monitors and want to open one of the links in a new window so that you can compare it to each of the other links in turn. The new window won't have the search field populated with any text at all!

    I think this is a bug introduced from Chromium upgrades. It makes no sense for the search field to be global by default. I can see how this behavior would be expected from someone switching from Chrome or Firefox, but Opera never behaved this way and it was one of the behaviors which prevented me from using those browsers as a primary browser even after Opera changed their browser to a reskin of Chrome.

    In the meantime, I'm still using the stable install of Vivaldi 1.8, which doesn't set the search field to global. I'll go back to Opera 12.x if I have to, even though the modern web is hilariously broken with that browser; it's what I used until Vivaldi came out.

    I logged it as a bug: VB-28130

  • @Hexaemeron Mmh, okay I see if op meant this issue I indeed misunderstood this. Btw I wasn't even aware of this issue due to the fact that I never use the searchbox or even have it activated. But good to know about that irritating behaviour.

  • This is still broken and annoying. Vivaldi 1.8 is fine for now, and works well on my home PC, but I'm not able to install older versions anywhere else, and all the current versions have this bug. It's frustrating to have this broken at work and on my laptop.

    Does anyone know if a bug logged two months ago can be tracked for updates?

  • @Hexaemeron said in Can we have the local search box back?:

    Does anyone know if a bug logged two months ago can be tracked for updates?

    They can be checked by mod/sopranos such as @Gwen-Dragon (she should see that as a notification 😁 )
    You're asking about bug: VB-28130 correct?

  • Yes I am. And thanks.

  • I prefered the old way (per tab) too.
    Was wondering if I should report it as a bug since it stopped working a couple version ago and found this thread.
    So is it officially a "feature"? Will we get an option to have it per tab in the future?


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