Minor update to Vivaldi 1.9

  • Today’s release of a minor update to Vivaldi 1.9 resolves some known issues.

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  • First post!

    Lovely update!

  • 2nd

  • Could it be that this update just uninstalled all extensions? It happened when I installed the update. The settings of these setting were kept though, but I needed to reinstall all my extensions.

  • I like the picture in this blog post. It works well as a Startpage background 🙂

  • Additionally, the startup is set to something else and the so called fix on autocomplete in the address bar doesn't work and random subpages are selected

    • Delete files from disk from Downloads panel
    • Bookmark page and Ctrl-D automatically bookmark the page, no need to press Save.
      Please and thank you.

  • Moderator

    @axander I think the first is already in the Feature Requests thread. Try a search.

    Post each feature request as a separate post as stated in the start of the thread.

  • @eddydc: The same thing happened here on version 1.9.818.49 (Stable channel) 64 bits.

  • Strangely enough, it doesn't happen all the time. Another computer didn't have that issue. It seems like that the profile doesn't get read/converted properly in some cases after the update.

  • @d0j0p: Yes, I thought the sculpture looks quite cool, too.

  • I got extension problem. Whenever I try to add an extension from the web store, it freezes the browser and the add to chrome button is changed to checking button. I can only stop the freeze by pressing the space button. Guys, please help me. I want to get extensions but can't. I only can get extensions from other sources like from the Dashlane website for chrome or Grammarly.

  • Moderator

    @Kaynon What happens if you refresh your profile?

  • @ayespy: When I refresh my profile, it's like if its new. But still, the extension problem exists... I tried using the stable as well as the snapshot version of Vivaldi and at both of them, the extension problems occur. What do I need to do to fix this issue? Should I try to refresh my profile again or what?

  • Moderator

    @Kaynon I would. Something appears to be interfering with your Vivaldi - there is nothing in the code of the browser that would cause the problem you're having, as nearly as I can tell. We don't have a standard solution for it, because it's never happened to anyone before. This or that user has expressed trouble with installing a specific extension - usually one that is not compatible with Vivaldi. But there is not a trait of Vivaldi that generally causes it to freeze every time a person tries to install any extension.

    We did have a user report a freeze when trying to install a night mode extension, but no one internally was able to reproduce that problem.

  • @ayespy: Let me tell you this. In this post, (https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/17005/extensions-lag/6) It's clearly seen that I have fixed my problem by installing the latest snapshot version. But later, I wanted to delete the stable version, but I could not find it to uninstall. So, I decided to remove the folder and had trouble to do so. I had 3 Vivaldi programs installed at that time, two of them stable and one snapshot. I tried to uninstall them but couldn't find them in the control panel if you know what I mean. So I decided to delete them and tried installing extensions in the snapshot ver. and the problem occurred again. At least, this is what I remember. What I said might not make any sense but tried to remember what had happened.

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    @Kaynon Very interesting. If you install Vivaldi in the Default manner, Windows will detect it and show it as an installed program in the Control Panel. If you install it standalone, then in Win10 at least, not sure about Win7, Windows will often not have an uninstall item for it. Further, Win10 may develop some real problems letting you install, move, or add versions of Vivaldi or their folders - even prevent you from installing an earlier version if you have or have had a later version. I've not seen this cause extension problems, but I have seen it cause password problems and other odd behavior.

    There is a provision in the Advanced installer dialogue that lets you register a standalone version while installing. I don't know if this would alleviate such problems, or make them worse.

  • So, to remove the standalone we just need delete the folder?

  • Moderator

    @Kaynon - That should usually suffice.

  • I was about to try out Advanced REST Client extension and unfortunately Vivaldi did a terrible boo boo again! It failed to start when I added "--show-app-list" to startup script and when I killed it, it failed to start again and finally when it started after I removed "--show-app-list " I lost all of my tabs. No trace of dozens of tabs except 5 or 6 in history. Clicking on trash can icon shows window with 1 tab which is an empty start page. This is a terrible bug. It is not the first time I am losing dozens of tabs. Please add a feature like autosaving last 10 tabs list with timestamped file name so at least we can go back and restore tabs. Only one Last Tabs definitely does not help at all when things go wrong.


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