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  • I have been finding in the last few weeks that audio features on websites seem to often not play in Vivaldi - is this likely to be a bug or is there something I might be doing wrong? I have Vivaldi 1.9.818.49 on Windows 7 32 bit.

  • @dominicw2 Could you provide a link to such a website?

  • The sites that I have been using are ones with sign-in, however I've found that I get the issue on YouTube - so here's a link:

  • @dominicw2 The link you posted works pretty well for me with vivaldi 1.10.845.3 32bit || win 7 64bit. In addition I did a little search and only came across very few postings about sound problems on youtube with windows systems.

    So the question is
    1.) What extensions do you use?
    2.) Do you use any security software? (There were some cases where a firewall or an antivirus prog blocked parts of media data only for vivaldi but not for other browsers - don't ask me why)
    3.) Does it solve the issue when you refresh your profile?
    Here is a pretty good "How to" for this including infos on how to backup your data so you can reverse the process in case this doesn't help you.

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    @dominicw2 I can hear the audio track of the HTML5 video on Windows 10 x64.

    What does the nerd statistic of video (context menu in video) show?
    Perhaps it is a codec issue?

  • @zaibon 1) None - Vivaldi itself has all the main features I need. 2) I use Comodo Antivirus and Windows Firewall - the firewall rule for Vivaldi looks the same as the one for Firefox (which I use occasionally). 3) I'll give that a go.

    Strangely enough, audio seems to be playing in Vivaldi today, but many days it does not - could this point to some kind of problem with my computer?

  • @Gwen-Dragon The Mime type is shown as video/mp4; codecs="avc1.4d401e" Is there any way I could tell if there is a codec issue? I've had problems with alert sounds from webpages as well though so would that rule out a codec issue? Its working today which is strange.


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